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We have a fun project for you! This exciting project will keep the kids busy all day for days, even weeks to come.
We want you and your kids to build the perfect Dollhouse for your Nana Doll. Be as creative and as inventive as you like. To help you get started we have put together a starter kit with glues, paints, fabrics etc
See what you have around the house to use; boxes, bottles, cartons etc. Have fun creating different rooms and all the little accessories; a bed, a wardrobe, a sofa, some little pots and pans. See examples below and we will keep updating you with more ideas.
Share and tag us as you go along @hellonanadolls #BuildNanaDollsaHome
On 15 November 2020 we will pick the best ones! Not only will we feature them, but we will be using different aspects from the chosen designs to create the actual Nana Dolls Dollhouse! Winners will be credited with thanks on the packaging and will also receive a special gift from us.
The Dollhouse will be available to buy worldwide, from November 2021 just in time for Christmas😊!
So...lets get creative.