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Story Time

Nana dolls are inspired by real life Queens, who all have an amazing story . We know you will enjoy reading and learning about these powerful Queens, so each Nana doll comes with a full story book.Preview the amazing stories below. You can find Nana story books in our Royal Shop.
Nana Yaa And The Golden Stool

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Black African doll Ghana

The Nana Yaa doll is Inspired by Yaa Asantewaa. She was a Queen from the Ashanti Kingdom of Ghana. She is best known for being a brave and courageous warrior woman. She led the war to free the King of the Ashanti Kingdom when captured because the men were too afraid to do so. People refer to her as the bravest warrior who stood up with boldness and confidence.


Nana Nehanda And The Spirit of Magic
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Black doll Zimbabwe
The Nana Nehanda doll is Inspired by Mbuya Nehanda, a Queen who lived in the beautiful sacred hills of Mazoe in Mashonaland, Zimbabwe. She was believed to have magical spiritual powers, which gave her wisdom and the spirit of leadership. This gave her the ability to bring people together, encouraging them to stand up for what's right. To this day Mbuya Nehanda is rightfully honoured as the heroin of Zimbabwe who remained defiant to the end.
Nana Maroon Queen of The Mountains
Jamaican black doll
The Nana Maroon doll is Inspired by Nanny of the Maroons. She was an Ashanti warrior, born in Ghana then taken to Jamaica during slavery by the British.  She managed to free herself and others by running to the mountains and using her skills in warfare. Nanny of the Maroons freed so many slaves that the British were forced to declare peace between the Maroons and the British. She is considered methodical, peaceful and heroic.
Nana Kuti The First Woman To Drive
Nigeria black doll
The Nana Kuti doll is Inspired by Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti. She was a Queen from a vibrant town called Abeokuta in Nigeria, West Africa. She had endless dreams but lived in a time when men were seen as more superior and women were not permitted to do much. Funmilayo became the first ever woman to drive in the whole of Africa. She went on to lead a march demanding equal rights for all women.
Nana Makeba And The Power of Music
south africa black dolls
The Nana Makeba doll is Inspired by Miriam Makeba, a Queen from a busy town named Johannesburg in South Africa. She was a talented singer, an actress and dancer. Miriam Makeba sang about the horrible and unfair things she witnessed happening in South Africa and in America. She had a beautiful, soulful voice and a powerful message, so people listened. Miriam changed lives through her music.  She became a global superstar and the first singer to take African music to the world.