We Ship Worldwide, Yes Absolutely Everywhere!
We Ship Worldwide, Yes Absolutely Everywhere!
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Founded by Afrobeats Superstar Fuse ODG, Nana Dolls is on a mission to champion the beauty of Africa and promote self-love, especially in young children.
Children are highly influenced by the world around them, and so it is our job to make sure we give them the best foundation to build on, teaching them to love themselves and be proud of who they are.
What better way to instill this ‘self-love’ than through their favorite toys.
Nana Dolls have made it their goal to inspire children to love and take pride in their heritage in a world that makes it hard to do so at times, educating and empowering them through Nana Dolls and their stories.
"The dolls are inspired by historical African figures; brave and courageous women who did something extraordinary. It is vital for our children and future generations to know about these powerful women in history"
Fuse odg nana dolls
Nana Dolls takes education very seriously. This is why we have been building a Pan-African Technology School in Akosombo, Ghana. Every doll you buy contributes towards the completion of this school. Get Involved
From history to fashion, you can learn all about living like a true Queen, Because all girls can be...
"Little Queens with Royal Dreams"