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Nana Makeba


A Star Is Born – Miriam Makeba

Once upon a time, in a bustling town named Johannesburg, South Africa. There lived a hard working woman who was about to give birth. The land that she lived in was beautiful but the laws of the land were evil and unjust. This law was known as Apartheid and was a system of racial segregation. This meant that any person whose skin was dark was made to live a life of struggle and hardship in the slums whilst those in the land whose skin was white were entitled to all of the privileges and wealth that the land would provide.

“How will I survive in this world with my baby, I’m barely surviving by myself as a black woman” says the mother to be. The pregnant mother quickly gets a plan together to make money to enable her to look after her soon to be born baby.

She hurriedly set up a new trade and started selling African beer. The authorities were quickly informed of a black woman selling beer without a license.

Meanwhile, with her baby now due at any moment, she contemplates the kind of future that awaits her unborn child in a world full of so much injustice, struggle and hardship.

Although she just had a baby, she was still arrested and put into prison with her new born child. She named the child Miriam Makeba.

Spending her first six months of life in prison at only 18 days old, Miriam had already seen the struggles and discriminations against black people in this Apartheid world where one’s only crime was the colour of their skin.

One day, the mother discovered Miriam had been blessed with an incredible God given gift. Her child had the voice of an angel and could dance and act so effortlessly. As Miriam got older, she joined a choir and decided she would use her talent to change the world. 

Tales of this beautiful and soulful talent travelled far and wide to all corners of the earth. “Africa is now on the map”, reads all newspapers and Televisions.

Miriam went on to travel the world and changed lives through her music. She used her music to fight against racism and discrimination in South Africa and later became a global superstar and the first singer to take African music to the world.

With the help of Miriam and many other great people such as Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko, the Apartheid came to an end.

She is now known as Mama Africa because although she was born into a dark world full of injustice, she brought light to it by using her talent and standing up for her rights.

Written by Fuse ODG