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Nana Nehanda


A Powerful Woman Named Nehanda

Once upon a time in a sacred town called Mashonaland in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, lived a powerful woman named Nehanda. Located between two great rivers, this land was enriched with flawless scenery of mountains and waterfalls.

All of the inhabitants of this land would come to Nehanda when they had problems to receive her wisdom and advice. As well as many other skills, she possessed the spirit of leadership, bravery, motivation, and acceptance.

Nehanda was able to move mountains, connect with nature and make it rain, transforming dry soil into fertile land where good crops could be grown to feed the entire land. She used her spirit of motivation to encourage the people of Mashonaland to work hard, be friendly and merry with each other.

One day, the Europeans arrived on their soil and began to trade with the local people of Mashonaland. “Don’t be afraid of them” says Nehanda as she calls upon her spirit of bravery and acceptance. “They are only here to trade so let’s welcome them”. As time went on, the relationship between the Europeans and Nehanda’s people began to decay as they were now mistreating her people. They would come with big weapons to invade their land and possess what belonged to the inhabitants.

Meanwhile, Nehanda had a plan for her people to own what belonged to them. She gathered the bravest men, the most powerful women using her spirit of leadership to organize and defeat the invaders.

Although she was eventually captured and sentenced to death by the Europeans, her spirit of leadership, bravery, motivation, and acceptance continues to live through the people of Mashonaland.

Today, we remember her as one of the most powerful women on earth.

Written by Fuse ODG