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Nana Kuti


Superwoman - Fumilayo Ransome Kuti

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess was born in a small town where men were perceived as the head of the household and rulers of many regions. This land was full of opportunities and endless dreams but was very challenging for the women of the town. It was a vibrant town called Abeokuta in the land of Nigeria, West Africa.

All this would change when it seemed this little princess would grow up to be an extraordinary woman. She had the power to give strength to other women and march on until successful. Her name was Fumilayo Ransome Kuti.

One day, a group of men took a break from their hard labour to buy some food from the market. On the way to the market, one of them froze in disbelief and shouted to the others, ‘is that a woman driving a car”. “A woman?” said the other man. It was Fumilayo Kuti, the first woman to ever drive in Nigeria.

The men were in such awe and utter shock to see a lady driving a car.

Then Kuti had a vision. She realized that for the women of Abeokuta land to survive, they would need to be equipped with knowledge and not just made to be in the kitchen or have an occupation in the market. “All this talk of sewing is not enough, what about literacy, or women’s political representation? And we should start by involving those who matter the most, the market women” says Kuti as she stands in front of a crowd of 50,000 women.

They all marched to the house of the King demanding for equal rights for all women. They stood outside singing and protesting for a change. This drove the King to give the women their right to pursue any opportunities and live the endless dreams that the land had to offer. This unity in the women forced the King to resign. Kuti became a hero to all women in the land of Abeokuta.

Tales of her bravery and courage spread to all corners of the earth. She is now known as the mother of Africa due to her passion and determination to uplift women.

Written By Fuse ODG